Netvisor + Receiptcamera

  • No extra costs

    There will be no extra costs from Netvisors side!

  • How it works

    Receiptcamera offers a fully automated integration to Netvisor. Connecting the services is extremely easy using the Netvisors pairing service. You need to be logged in to Netvisor and Receiptcamera at the same time. Netvisor will then show a 7 digit code that you need to insert into Receiptcamera. Once that is done you are ready to start using the intergration.

  • Customisable Chart of Accounts for Netvisor

    Import, edit and delete accounts within Receiptcam. You can even choose which of the imported accounts will be available for which employees. For ex. Johannas credit card can be hidden from all but her. You can also edit cost centers within Receiptcamera.

  • Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Sync

    You can choose between syncing Receiptcamera and Netvisor on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. You can even choose on what weekday the receipts will be sent.

    Or just click the “Send Now” button
    All of your data will be moved to Netvisor when you click on the “Send Now” button.

  • Receiptcamera will draft reimbursements

    You will see these reimbursements as drafts under your bank-account in Netvisor. Simply approve these and your employees will be reimbursed.