We want you, gifted Software Developer, to join our team in Keilaniemi!

Title: Software Developer
Employer: Renance – Automated Financial Services Oy
Level: Middle, Senior

Job Description:

Our team in Keilaniemi needs you, gifted Software Developer, to join us in our fight against the boring routine work behind bookkeeping. We believe that the bookkeeper of the future will not do manual data
input, but will work as an analyst of their clients finances and consult them towards a brighter future. The goal is simple: to create great solutions that make the jobs of thousands of bookkeepers more consultative and even fun, while giving our users an awesome experience.

The boring routine work that we are trying to fight against can be divided into 2 problems:

  1. Boring routine work caused by poor or missing integrations between the software
  2. Boring routine work caused by inefficient delivery methods of bookkeeping material

To solve the first problem, we help our clients integrate the software they use, making sure that data is transferred regularly and efficiently. The second problem is solved by creating software to help the employees of our clients deliver their bookkeeping material more efficiently.

Our first service, Receiptcamera, is a user-friendly application eliminating the problem behind delivering travel expenses that also completely automates the bookkeeping processes involved in travel expenses. It’s been just 1.5 years since the launch of Receiptcamera, and we already respond to over 10000 requests daily whilst growing by 10% per month. The six-person team behind Renance is getting ready to further accelerate that growth, and we need your help to do this.

As the first developer in our Espoo office you will be focused on a wide range of back- and/or frontend activities, with specific emphasis on new features. You will get as many challenges as you can handle, and get to solve them in your own way. You should be able to debug issues, diagnose causes, drive the test automation effort and contribute to the development of our internal tools.

Skills & Requirements:

We’re currently building our service using Ruby on Rails on the back-end and Javascript and Coffeescript with Marionette.js framework on the front-end. Our data is stored in PostgreSQL.

Your responsibilities will be:

●  Writing robust, high quality, well-tested, and maintainable code

●  Helping us to scale the system from thousands to (potentially) millions of users

We expect you to:

●  Be proficient in: Ruby, Javascript

●  Have experience in Test Driven Development

●  Have good English skills, spoken and written

We appreciate:

●  A full-stack developer mindset

●  Your passion towards usability and consistent UI design

●  Your ability to work in teams as well as independently

●  Prior knowledge of Coffeescript is a plus

●  Experience in Google Script

●  Experience in building RESTful APIs

●  Experience in mobile application development (Android, iOS)

What we offer:

●  The benefit of working in a small team within a large company

●  A great office with sea view in Keilaniemi

●  Good compensation

●  Yearly trips with the entire company to a remote location (so far we’ve been to Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Budapest)

●  A gym at the office

●  Ergonomic desk & chair

Apply right away!

We will fill up the spot as soon as we find the right candidate so make sure to send in your application as soon as possible.

For more information contact: fredrik.teir@receiptcamera.com +358440161288

About Renance – Automated Financial Services Oy

Since January 2010 bookkeeping companies in Finland have wondered how Greenstep Oy has been growing so quickly. Within 6 years Greenstep has profitably grown to be over 110 people strong, and last year we decided to further accelerate our growth by being even more efficient. Renance was started by Greenstep Oy, with the goal to create efficient solutions that make the jobs of thousands of bookkeepers more fun, while giving our users a great experience.

Renance is located in Greensteps Espoo office, but works as a separate company helping to solve the problems of not only Greensteps clients, but the problems of all bookkeepers clients in the Nordics.